By Jade Chan & Jaime Poon

With Christmas coming, once again it is a time to give. Many of people will head to the mail or go online to tackle our holiday presents checklists, but what about making gifts?
One Hong Kong company Dotted Collective, specializes in handmade gifts, and holds workshops that teach people how to make their own gifts. The company was started this year by experienced handmade goods workers, So Wai-shing, Wilson Kion and Millie Yung Chiu-yuet. They launched the “X-mas Craft Marathon 2013,’ from November 23 to December 23 to promote arts and crafts, such as handmade leather card holders, minute ornaments and tattings. Prices depend on the type of finished product as materials vary.
One popular handmade gift item is the leather card holder. Dotted Collective’s founders recently shared recently shared instructions for the leather card holder with Our Voice. All you need are pieces of leather, a diamond-shaped chisel, waxed thread, hammer and needles, and you are set to go.
The steps:

With two pieces of leather ready, one in rectangular and another similar to an envelope’s cover (10.5cm x 7cm)

Use a diamond-shaped chisel to mark the sewing distance on the edge

Glue the pieces of leather, sew with waxed thread and apply CMC on the interfaces of the joint-leathers to refine the edge

Pinch a hole on both the surface and the inner side of the card case for the button

Fix the button to the holes

Rub the final product with mink oil to saturate the leather


Materials can be bought in Sham Shui Po, Tai Nam Street and Ki Lung Street.For more information on the Dotted Collective workshops, please visit

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