About JMC

Aims and Objectives

The Department offers applied journalism education to those who seek to work in the media industry in Hong Kong as well as in Southeast Asia. The Department was launched in 1971, and has become one of the major Journalism and Public Relations & Advertising (PRA) teaching establishments in Hong Kong. Students are trained to possess language proficiency and learn the process and impact of communication in a variety of social contexts. In addition, students are educated to have a broad-based knowledge in Humanities and Social Sciences such as History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics and Law in order to cultivate their analytical ability with an open mind and be able to have a fair, impartial and independent view-point.

In the first two years students will receive training in foundation subjects while in the third and fourth years they will delve more deeply into the theory and practice of journalism and mass communication in the age of digitization. For a rounded training, they are exposed to news reporting and writing, news translation, radio and TV news production, new media platforms, editorial and commentary writing and script writing and/or marketing, public relations and advertising, so that they will be well prepared for their future careers.

For practical experience, students are required to participate in activities organized by themselves such as Our Voice ( 仁聞報 ), Our Voice Online, Shuo Online ( 說‧在線 ), online audio and video platforms, HKNews (香港新聞網)Online Radio (網上電台), radio and television workshops and Shue Yan Newsletter etc.

The Department also offers an extensive internship programme for all qualified students. Students will be provided with professional internship training in partial fulfilment of the degree programme at commercial or educational television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, marketing and advertising department of various public and private corporations in order to enable them to have hands-on experience in the industry.

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